Irrespective of whether your organization is very small, having a single PC to handle all your work or you’re a large organization having thousands of PCS distributed over a number of demographics, you always need specialize people who can handle the routine maintenance works that are essential for the good health of your computers. The maintenance can be as little as updating a software to its latest version to as complex as troubleshooting your computers prob

lem to find out why it’s running so slow. Some organizations keepdedicated employees to handle such jobs, others, who are not as big to afford dedicated employees, rely on engineers who come and work for you ‘on call basis’ or some even go for AMC (Annual Maintenance Service) to offload the headache of computer related problems. But does the on call support guy (even if it is in AMC) serve your real purpose? Some serious problems in having a support guy some to your rescue after your system crashes or your system is in trouble are–

The support always takes some time to arrive. The promise you to reach within 24 hrs and often take longer. Can you wait for such long time?

Their diagnosis often leads you to buy some hardware or software from them. Have you ever thought if those hardware and software are really that essential?

No prevention from faults. Your support always appears after the faults have taken place. The routine checkup from your support guy may be once or twice a month but that routine checkup rarely prevents any mishap. Have you ever thought how fruitful would it be if there could be a more frequent checkups which really prevents your computer from being infected?

The AMC cost is substantially high, and it’s calculated per PC. Although the problem surface in only once or two PCS out of all, yet you have to pay for maintenance of all your computers.