contract staffing

Are you looking for IT staff for your office? Be it a mere back office executive who handles data entry job for you or a highly experienced programming manager, if you are looking for IT professional you should look no further. With our proprietary database having over 10000 IT professionals in different skill sets and experience and with customers ranging in size from start ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, we understand the ever increasing need for talented IT professionals in the development of new technologies.

Many companies find it challenging to get and retain quality IT staff in their company. Getting proper staff and employee retentivity are the two top most concerns in IT industry today as noted by major research groups. Brethren steps just in this area with it’s vast experience and strong database of right people. We offer a full range of placement consultancy, from assistance in recruitment of IT staff including Presidents,Vice Precidents and Managers to lower level programmers and support Back Office staff to provide with remote staffing services, with IT knowledge and expertise in numerous areas. We can help minimize your IT staff payroll costs; with our IT professionals working closely with your employees to ensure your IT needs are met. By defined project, or by weekly or monthly ‘staff augmentation,’ we can deliver technology-specific IT experts whose quality, dedication, expertise, and accountability apart from others. What more? You have the option of accessing the staff directly, giving directions, monitoring works and giving deadlines to each individuals while we take the responsibility of managing your chosen staff, ensuring that deadlines are met, quality and integrity is maintained, even replacing an employee on occasions of absenteeism. Since the employee is on our payroll, you save the overhead cost of providing several facilities that you would have to provide to your staff who is in your direct payroll.
Benefits of recruiting Remote Staff from us:
Find highly skilled and dedicated manpower.
Much lower cost of hiring.
Pay for only the staff, not for managing them.
No infrastructural cost for you. All resources including computers and internet provided by us.
Direct access to each of your staff members through email, chat, VOIP or video conferencing if required.
Weekly report from our managers ensuring high monitoring of their performance.
No overhead for you for absenteeism, underperformance etc.
Very quick replacement when required.
Increased organizational efficiency.
Email us to find how we can save up to 70% of your IT expenditure by taking services from us:

Areas where you can look for remote staff with us:
Data entry and form filling. Web and graphic designing
Small accounting processes and payroll management. Database design and data warehousing.
Web development in Php/Mysql,, Java etc. Project management and Business Consulting
Contact search, data search. System administration and LAN administration.
Email handling, email marketing Anything that involves computer.
Translation and transformation services.
Software development in .Net, Java, VB etc.